About Us

About Denge Consulting

DENGE is a Northern Cyprus registered company with office located in northern part of Nicosia. And it is a growing management & design consultancy company which was established in 1991 as a limited company. People of company with vast national and international experience in contract and project management in parallel to civil engineering design are focused on meeting the needs of the clients.

DENGE has been helping clients deliver service excellence, sustainable development ideas and understands what it takes to be a committed consulting team.

Business professionals wanting to achieve operational excellence need look no further than DENGE – a single-source supplier, providing value-for-money in project management consulting & specialized adult trainnings in all levels.

No matter what the size and maturity of your organization, DENGE can help to enhance your performance with happy performer staff; drive overall efficiency and effectiveness; keep clients satisfied with quality, control and accountability of your project activities.

DENGE is focused to act as an enabler harnessing innovative capabilities to build & deliver consistently robust specialized adult training products, consultancy services addressing skill development, benchmarking & professional certifications to cater to the distinctive demand of trained & skilled professionals for increased employability in the industry.