Our Premium Consultancy services offer you programmes/projects that address your main professional organisational needs through formulation of projects, tailor-made learning workshops, facilitated learning events and consultancy.

We can support you in whatever way works for you; this can be a consulting meeting to help you get started on a project or can be by creating workshops to meet your specific needs in any area or can be by facilitating special events right through to designing and delivering long term projects to achieve the organisational change you need.

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Our organisational performance expertise enables us to develop solutions to needs of our customers. Your company functions and TotalSDI’s tools provide a powerful combination for developing a performance & efficiency focussed management of people and organisations.

As a TotalSDI qualified Facilitator, our experts can match unique SDI tools and techniques to your problems and your career opportunities. Also, we can develop a tailor-made approach to the specific needs of your staff.

Our reliable and validated SDI assessments help you develop more productive cultures and more collaborative teams. And our interpersonal assessments improve individual skills and relationships within the teams through coaching on…


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Our Learning Solutions are high quality workshops and are designed to meet your individual and team training needs. They will be created with our professional approach to the need. Our 30+ years of diverse sector experience enables us to assess the typical challenges people face and to design the best up to date content to address these challenges.

All programs have outdoor practices taking place in nature or in outdoor area of our learning centre. Interactive learning solutions of our “specialized adult learning centre”, if needed, is providing simultaneous translation in multi-lingual environment.


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